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Digital media Production Co. can produce a number of Wedding projects that can preserve you wedding experience for generations to  come.  We serve the Raleigh Durham Triangle.
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Wedding Packages

Digital Media Production Co. has a variety of choices to pick from during your planning process.  We can customize any package to satisfy your needs. 
Wedding only package if possible we  come to the rehearsal the day before to get a good idea how the ceremony will be conducted.  This also allows us to discuss camera location. The day of the wedding we arrive about an hour before the ceremony starts and setup our equipment.  We start shooting about 5 to 10 minutes before the wedding starts.  We shoot continuously and stop shooting when the parents of the bride and groom leave the church.  Add DVD for $75.00
Wedding & Reception DVD package we shoot the wedding as described above. We come to your reception and capture the events that take place while you enjoy this special time of your life.  We edit the highlights put them together with your ceremony add titles, graphics digitize your program if available, add music where appropriate.  We combine all these ingredients into your wedding video.
Wedding Story DVD package we shoot the wedding and reception as described above.  We produce a pitcher video, you supply 60 images and music, each additional image is $4.00 ea.  We will go and shoot one additional event like a reception dinner, shower, bridal or groom parties, an event of your choosing.  We author all these ingredients on a DVD title.  You still get two copies on VHS tape.  You can plan you pitcher video ahead of time to show at the reception or at the rehearsal dinner.  Additional events can be shot and added for additional cost.

Pitchers on Video

Digital Media Production Co. can take your images and put them on video.  We can scan your photographs or use your digital images for this purpose.  We  can combine and blend these images a number of  ways. 
Wedding Picture Video (Animated)
Wedding Prices
Wedding only $575.00
Add DVD $75.00
Wedding & Reception on DVD $875.00
Wedding Story $1,875.00
Music Video $175.00
Travel out of Triangle area Quote
DVD copies $35.00
The camera we use
Prices for additional work
Videography $125.00 per hour
Editing $125.00 per hour
3D animation $150.00 per hour
Graphics $85.00 per hour
Video CD  Compression $135 every 30 min
Additional Titles $35 each
You can arrange to view some of our production from previous weddings.  Please call to make an appointment.
DVD, Web Video & Video on CD       
Digital Media Production Co. stays on top of the latest developments in Video Compression, this allows us to apply the best technology to maintain the highest quality video possible.  We can compress your video using a variety of formats.  QuickTime, MPEG, Windows Media and Real Player.  Your videos can be optimized for CD, DVD, or for the web.    Contact us for Prices.

Caution:  videos are optimized for web, download times vary.
We recommend computers, connected to ISDN, cable or higher for best results.

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