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Animation Reenactments

The old cliché "One picture is worth a thousand words" could never hold more credence than when describing the effect that animated reenactment technology has on a jury.  Animated reenactment makes it possible to turn confusing or inarticulate witness testimony into a simple "picture" that jurors can comprehend. Animated reenactments of automobile accidents have been proven to bring more favorable outcomes than any other form of testimony.
Pat Cleary, Senior Director of Litigation Services at Engineering Animation Inc. estimates that 90 to 95 percent of the litigation animations in which the company is involved settle out of court.  
Re: Body of Evidence
(Computer Graphics World)
Animated reenactments work!
Go to mediation with the evidence stacked in your favor.


The following prices give a general idea of the cost of doing an animation. Prices will vary according to the length of animation, and whether or not models are already  in stock.  Prices do not reflect  travel or on seen investigative work. 

Photo Realistic

start at $4250.00
2 cars in accident (models in stock)
3 fixed views - 2 composites, 1 computer
Length approximately 7 sec. ea view

Medium Detail

start at $2850.00
2 cars in accident (models in stock)
fixed or moving camera
length approximately 20 seconds
$225 for the first hour $75 an hour for each additional hour.

Day in a Life Expository  Video

The purpose of this video is to evoke a sympathetic mindset in the jurors.  This is accomplished by illustrating how your clients as well as the lives of his/her family members have been changed forever.  A lifestyle portrait of your clients can be constructed from old photographs and home videos which depict a person who once live life to its fullest.
A good example of this can be as simple as showing a video clip of your client playing a game of backyard catch with his children: followed by a clip of him cheering his child on at a ball game seated in a wheelchair.  another effective methodology used in this package is to insert sound bytes snipped from interviews with family members and friends.  For example again using the backyard game of catch as our model.  The children's reminiscences of how things have changed sense the accident are inserted with the backyard video.  Test pool jurors have reported that this type of up-close and personal look at a victims life strengthens any case. 
The length of these videos can range from one to two hours.  Some could be shorter but this is the average.


The price is a based on how many interviews are done, how many exhibits, graphics are used and if 3D animations that are added.  Sample Production

Caution:  videos are optimized for web, download times vary.
We recommend computers, connected to ISDN, cable or higher for best results.
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